About Flora by Laura

Flora By Laura is a small local Dunwoody flower service that puts a personal touch on corsages and boutonnieres for local school dances and other special occasions.

Our Story

Flora by Laura began when a local mother helped her son prepare for his first school dance. Here is her recollection of the event:

“When my son started attending school dances that required “dressing up,” I decided to make his date’s corsage. While at the picture gatherings prior to the dance, I couldn’t help but notice how many corsages started to fall apart before the dances even began. Seeing how upset this made the kids, I would do my best to help repair their corsages. It was sad to see the disappointed looks on the faces of the kids that were already nervous, and then, have something go wrong. Seeing such sweet keepsakes fall apart, motivated me to create ‘Flora by Laura’ for students and parents to purchase excellent quality boutonnieres and corsages with one thing in mind. To make their evening fun, memorable and, to look great all night long.”

Laura Madden channeled her energy into making Flora by Laura a distinguished flower service by exclusively focusing on accepting last-minute orders on corsages and boutonnieres when other local full service florists have to stop accepting orders because of time restrictions and other full service floral requests and responsibilities.

The Goal

At Flora by Laura we have one goal; to make your child’s special event stress free and, filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

Late Orders Are Welcome

Every year, boys and girls wind up in a rush to ask each other out for the big dance. Many of them are so busy that they only have time the day before the dance to ask someone they admire out, usually on a Wednesday or Thursday. Many local flower shops stop taking orders on Tuesday, leaving many students panicking about how they’re going to the dance in style. Our specialty is solely in selling boutonnieres and corsages online for school dances, so we can help you find what you need right away.

We take custom orders until the Wednesday before the dance and will accept late orders up until the last pick up. Please note that late fees will apply and anything ordered Thursday or later will consist of neutral colors that can match any dress color. If you make an order the day of the dance, last-minute fees will also apply.

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Beauty, elegance, quality, and style are part of every product we provide. Thank you for making Flora by Laura a part of your special occasion!
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